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Neon Signs

Ritzville City Center Sign

Ritzville City Center Sign

Ritzville City Center Sign

This sign directs visitors to the main shopping and historic district in Ritzville. The sign was restored in 2012 by the Ritzville Downtown Development Association, you can read about it here. The Downtown Ritzville Historic District contains 27 properties that were built in between 1889 and 1935.

Ala Cozy Motel Sign

This fabulous neon sign has been lighting the way to the Ala Cozy Motel since 1955. Located in Coulee City along Highway 2, at one time there were many motels for motorists to choose from as they drove across the state. They don’t seem to have a website but you might able to find some more information on this Facebook page.

Neon Sign at the Ala Cozy Motel

Neon Sign at the Ala Cozy Motel

Ala Cozy Motel
9988 Highway, 2 East
Coulee City WA 99115
509.632.5703 | 877.678.2918

Billy Burger Drive-In


Neon Sign for Billy Burger Drive-In

Billy Burger Drive-in, Wilbur, WA

Open since 1957, Billy Burger Drive-In is worth a stop. You can’t miss this amazing neon sign, it’s in perfect condition. It makes you happy just to see it.

I stopped for an early lunch on a Monday morning in mid-August and it wasn’t long before the place full and it was standing room only. While waiting for the food, I reviewed a huge salt and pepper shaker collection. The burgers and fries were terrific, the price decent. I plan to visit again. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Billy Burger Drive-in
804 NE Main Ave, Wilbur, WA 99185