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The Columbia Basin Region of Washington State – Includes Douglas, Grant, Lincoln and Adams Counties

Billy Burger Drive-In


Neon Sign for Billy Burger Drive-In

Billy Burger Drive-in, Wilbur, WA

Open since 1957, Billy Burger Drive-In is worth a stop. You can’t miss this amazing neon sign, it’s in perfect condition. It makes you happy just to see it.

I stopped for an early lunch on a Monday morning in mid-August and it wasn’t long before the place full and it was standing room only. While waiting for the food, I reviewed a huge salt and pepper shaker collection. The burgers and fries were terrific, the price decent. I plan to visit again. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Billy Burger Drive-in
804 NE Main Ave, Wilbur, WA 99185

Rocket Monkey

Statue of a monkey holding a rocket

Soap Lake’s Rocket Monkey Statue

Built by Burr Beckwith and several friends, the monkey advertises a website run by Burr and his wife Eileen – Their site functions as the local newspaper. The statue sits at the north end Evergreen Street N. in Soap Lake, WA. Here’s a video of the unveiling.

Ephrata Train Depot

Ephrata Train Depot

Ephrata Train Depot

Originally built in 1912, to replace the first train depot that was just a shack. The depot was enlarged and un-enlarged several times over the years, bringing it to this small size when it was demolished on October 28, 2015.

A few notable events at the depot.

  • 1915 – The Liberty Bell comes through.
  • 1920 – Electric lights and a telephone installed.
  • 1934 – President Roosevelt visits.
  • 1937 – President Roosevelt visits again, on his way dedicate the Grand Coulee Dam.