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Grant County, WA

Ala Cozy Motel Sign

This fabulous neon sign has been lighting the way to the Ala Cozy Motel since 1955. Located in Coulee City along Highway 2, at one time there were many motels for motorists to choose from as they drove across the state. They don’t seem to have a website but you might able to find some more information on this Facebook page.

Neon Sign at the Ala Cozy Motel

Neon Sign at the Ala Cozy Motel

Ala Cozy Motel
9988 Highway, 2 East
Coulee City WA 99115
509.632.5703 | 877.678.2918

Wildlife at Quincy Hardware & Lumber

Last weekend, while out and about with some friends, we stopped at Quincy Hardware and Lumber to pick up some smoking supplies (meat smoking not cigarette or tobacco smoking). As he was looking at supplies, I noticed this white-tailed buck hanging on the wall and couldn’t help wondering if hanging the buck in the BBQ/meat smoking section said something about what became of the rest of him? White-tailed deer is a common type of wildlife in eastern Washington, they like to live near farmlands, creeks and rivers, and populated areas. Visit the Quincy Hardware & Lumber Facebook Page for more information, or just stop by to see their many treasures.

White Tailed Deer in Quincy Hardware & Lumber Store

Stuffed Deer Head in Quincy Hardware and Lumber Store

Quincy Hardware and Lumber
23 E Street SE | Quincy, WA 98848
(509) 787-0800

Rocket Monkey

Statue of a monkey holding a rocket

Soap Lake’s Rocket Monkey Statue

Built by Burr Beckwith and several friends, the monkey advertises a website run by Burr and his wife Eileen – Their site functions as the local newspaper. The statue sits at the north end Evergreen Street N. in Soap Lake, WA. Here’s a video of the unveiling.



Ephrata Train Depot

Ephrata Train Depot

Ephrata Train Depot

Originally built in 1912, to replace the first train depot that was just a shack. The depot was enlarged and un-enlarged several times over the years, bringing it to this small size when it was demolished on October 28, 2015.

A few notable events at the depot.

  • 1915 – The Liberty Bell comes through.
  • 1920 – Electric lights and a telephone installed.
  • 1934 – President Roosevelt visits.
  • 1937 – President Roosevelt visits again, on his way dedicate the Grand Coulee Dam.